We fell in love with The Torcroft on our first visit and are proud and delighted to run such a wonderful establishment. Torquay has become our home and we have discovered why people love The Riviera and surrounding areas so much.   Our approach -guests feel special, at home as every effort is made to make your stay memorable.   Since moving in to The Torcroft we have undertaken a complete interiors re-think, in partnership with Catherine and Andrew Rogers of RevisionR. We have worked in keeping with the period of the property; animating period features and uncovering others that were lost to poor building practices of the past, we have injected a little of our personality throughout the hotel. Every area of the building has been polished in some manner, with many rooms completely refurbished to create a universal feel and standard throughout. 


Minka  Minka is our Hungarian Vizsla and is very well trained and never goes upstairs or accesses bedrooms.  Minka shares our accommodation and the communal areas on the ground floor. We recognise not all guests are dog lovers, so please let us know if you are nervous around dogs, to ensure Minka gives you plenty of space. Minka is 12 so at busy times prefers her own company, or is often sunbathing in the garden.  

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